Fury Research and Development

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Dear reader...

Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately the Fury R&D website is a work in progress and isn't available for public viewing at this time. In lieu of this, please read on to find out more about Fury R&D

What is Fury R&D capable of?

Whilst our aim is to be able to provide any solution to any problem, we're starting with familiar territory. At current we're building our portfolio in software development in the areas of:

In the future we will be looking to expand into designing and prototyping robotic/mechanical systems, unfortunately these require a lot of overhead to research and market at a reasonable price so our focus will stay mostly on the software side of things for now.

Are you available for comission?

Sadly not. At current due to prior engagements Fury R&D has been sidelined, though we are maintaining our current project engagements.